Camp Projects

La Montaña's goal is to offer a high quality environment for the students/campers that spend time with us. In any one year over 15,000 campers will find themselves using our recreation tools and facilities. To that end, we are always in state of adding facility, maintenance or repair. The following is a list of on going projects/items that are needed. Thank you so much for considering a gift or donation to help move this ministry forward! Certain items are grouped together by Departments which you can find in the corresponding "Make A Donation" list on the donation page (scroll down). You can contact us at for more clarity about specific items that are listed.  Select  a project too be taken to the "Make A Donation" page.


ACTIVE projects

  • High Adventure - Climbing Wall

    *A much needed refurbishment to our climbing wall will cost $10,000.00

    *Petzl Helmets - Thank You!  Completed!

  • Chapel Sound System

    After 16 years, our sound system in our chapel needs to be replaced and upgraded.  A new sound board to replace our old one that failed, was just donated.  The total cost for this project is $60,000

    Other Chapel Needs are ...

    *Drum Set - $1,500

    *Shure Wireless Microphones - $2,000

    *Lighting - $1,200

    *Podium - $500

    *Video Projector - $2,500

    *Large wooden cross behind stage 1,000

    *Walking bridge from chapel to dinning room 10,000


  • Kitchen Remodel

    With thousands and thousdands of students attending camp yearly, our kitchen is in deep need of being updated. The total need is $31,,000. 

    The equipment to be upgraded can be designated by you in a note to us with your donation as follows:

    *Walk in cold room for kitchen $12,000

    *New main kitchen stove $8,000

    2 Large Double Door Refrigerators  $3,000 ea.

    *Double convection oven for bakery $5,000

  • Hospitality Houses

    *We are in the home stretch on this project, with our need now down to the funding for two more unit at a cost of $25,000 each.

    *Final Infrastructure cost of $10,000 (laundry, landscaping).

  • Motorized Equipment

    *John Deere Gator for maintenance - $12,000

    2 ATV's - $8,500 ea.

    Small Panel Truck  - 18,000 - $22,000  (for shipping/receiving purposes)

  • Program

    With an active, recreation focused camp, and after 16 years of heavy use, the following items are needed!

    *20 Mountain Bikes - $250 ea.

    Soccer & basketballs - $500

    Hi-Def. Video Camera - $2,500

    50 Inline Skates - $50.00 ea

    Whistles, stop watches, clipboards - $1,000

    iMac for Video preparation - $3,500

    8 iMacs for office/media staff - $9,600

  • General Camp Equipment Needs

    With over 650 acres to maintain, and the grounds of the camp as well, we have some areas of General Need that also must be attended too such as ... 

    *Commercial Washer/Dryer - $12,000

    *Several chainsaws @ $750 ea.

    *Several Weed Eaters @900 ea.

    *Several Commercial Vacuums @ $350 ea.

    3 A/C Units @ $750 ea.

    *Various tools (rakes, hammers, picks)

    *Small shop power tools (cord drills, router, grinders, etc.).

  • Rancho Mirador - Tent Camp

    This project is now nearing completion and will be operational, welcoming new campers in May, 2017 $10,000 will now enable final landscape and infrastructure work to be completed.