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  • LATEST NEWS from La Montaña & LAMA

    Click HERE to read the latest, including an invitation to our Chili Cook Off Silent Auction Fund Raiser in October 2021!

  • July 2021

    Click HERE to read about the return of our Intern Ministry and the

    RE-O P E N I N G  of camp in the largest way yet during COVID.

  • June 2021

    Read Joe Pent, Jr's. thoughts HERE - latest news and information regarding La Montaña Christian Camps/Latin America Assistance - Board Member, Bill Schultz tribute. 

  • April 2021 - PICTORIAL

    Read HERE about exciting updates in pictures of all that God is doing now and in the future through La Montaña Christian Camps

  • March 2021

    As Covid begins to loosen it's grip on Costa Rica, La Montaña prepares to open in a way that lives will be changed forever!  READ all about that right here.

  • February 2021

    God is on the move in Costa Rica!  Read more HERE

  • January 2021

    Read HERE for the latest news and praise for all that God is doing at La Montaña Christian Camps!

  • DECEMBER 2020

    Click HERE to read.   Read how God has sustained La Montaña through these trying months, our current needs and how you can help.

  • November  2020

    Read HERE to get the latest on what is happening at La Montaña Christian Camps, how you can pray and help!   

  • SEPTEMBER 2020  ~ Read Our PICTORIAL!

    Click HERE to read the  NEWS & PICTORIAL.  Learn, pray and then find a way you can HELP as La Montaña seeks to re-open it's ministry!

  • AUGUST 2020  

    Read HERE, for news for prayer & support of La Montaña Christian Camps.  Find out how you can be a part of helping to sustain this vital ministry.    

  • June 22 2020  

    Read HERE ~ Our latest update - news regarding about how we plan to re-open camp soon following the Covid- 19 shutdown.

  • April/May 2020

    Although camp is not open right now, God is indeed active.  Read HERE about how you can partner in even greater ways!

  • MARCH 2020

    Click HERE for the March 2020  news from La Montaña Christian Camps.  God is on the move & lives are changing!